Sponsor a Child

Through a Child Education Sponsorship, you are helping to lift a child out of poverty and providing them the hope of a better life. Your sponsorship pledge benefits more than just your child; it benefits the child’s family and strengthens their school, church, and community.

Just $36/month provides a Christian education for an under-privileged Haitian child. Any individual, family, group,or congregation can sponsor a child.

Every penny of your $36/month goes directly to help your sponsored child. No monies are taken out for fundraising or for U.S. administrative expenses.

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. – James 1:27

What does your sponsorship provide for a child?

Tuition – entrance fees, exam fees and monthly tuition at a Haitian Christian school

Books & School Supplies – required school books, school supplies, and a backpack

School Uniform – one new uniform at the beginning of each school year

Health Care – an annual medical exam and paid access to a medical clinic throughout the year

Special Gifts – End-of-school-year gift

Transportation – daily to/from select schools

What do you receive as a sponsor?

An annual update on your sponsored child and a recent photo.

A translated letter from your child.

Statements that serve as a tax-deductible receipt of your giving.

HFHC enews and printed newsletters which contain news, prayer needs, inspiring stories and photos of the exciting works in Haiti.

The option of writing to your sponsored child.

The joy of knowing that you have changed the life of a child forever.

FAQ – Education in Haiti

When is school in Haiti in session?

Haitian children attend school from mid-September through the month of June.

What percentage of children attend school?

Only around 50% of school-age children attend elementary school and approximately 20% attend secondary school. Of the students sponsored through Hope for Haiti’s Children, 93% of the elementary school students pass their 6th grade exam and are promoted into secondary school!

Are grade levels structured differently?

Yes. In Haiti, children often attend three years of pre-school (K1, K2, K3) before they begin 1st Grade. Primary School (U.S. Elementary) includes 1st grade through 6th grade. Lower Secondary School (U.S. Middle School) includes 7th through 9th, while Upper Secondary School (U.S. High School) includes 10th through 13th grade.

A National exam is given in the 9th grade. If a student does not pass this exam at the end of the year, they must repeat the grade again. One factor that makes this exam even more challenging for the students is that it is given in the French language, not their native Creole!

Although a student may complete the 13th and final grade, they must also pass a standardized National Exam to receive a diploma. Students spend the entire year preparing for this difficult exam. If they do not pass, they can retake the exam or repeat the grade and try again.

How do Haitian kids spend their summer?

Just like children around the world, students are excited for the summer break!

Most will stay home and some might visit family members in other villages.

For teens ages 13-16, they will count the days until they get to attend HFHC’s summer camps held in June, July, and August.

How do Haitian students view education?

Almost every student asks for prayers that they will be successful in school.

Education is highly valued by all, and young people know that it is essential in helping them escape the cycle of poverty.

They are so very grateful for the opportunity to attend school!

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